The NSAD Story

For more than 60 years, NSAD has championed the cause of those affected by, or at risk from, alcohol and other drug use.


The National Society on Alcoholism (NSA, later to become NSAD) was founded to increase the public’s understanding of alcoholism. It’s establishment was closely linked to the emerging Alcoholics Anonymous movement, which lead the way for a new understanding of substance addiction as a health issue.


The hard work of volunteers is starting to pay off - As a result of NSA/NSAD lobbying, the Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Act is passed.


NSAD commissions NZ’s first research project into biochemical effects of alcohol, in cooperation with Massey University.


NSAD establishes NZ’s first methadone clinics in Wellington & Christchurch, to support people with opioid addiction.


NZ’s first DSM type diagnostic treatment manual is created by NSAD.


CareNZ formed to carry out addiction treatment on behalf of NSAD.


Development of Data Warehouse technology to provide integrated organisational and funder reporting for CareNZ.


Development of Client Relationship and Outcomes technology.