Addiction in NZ

Addiction is a complex condition where alcohol or other drug use dominates a person’s life and usually includes a physical or a psychological dependence. It is a compulsion to use a substance, no matter what the consequences.

We’ve been a treatment provider, an advocacy group, an educational body, and now a data publisher. But our mission has never changed - to support those affected by alcohol and drug use.

Alcohol & Other Drugs


of adult New Zealanders will try illicit drugs at some point in their life.


of adult New Zealanders will try alcohol at some point in their life.

Harms of addiction

People suffering from addiction are at risk of Injury; disease; social and fnancial problems. They have a reduced quality of life which effects not only the individual, but their whānau and community too.

Substance use Disorder


of New Zealanders will have a substance use disorder in their lifetime

Accessing Help


New Zealanders accessed treatment in 2016 for AOD related issues